Discover Galapagos while you learn Spanish!

The incredible diversity of wildlife found in Galapagos is what makes this volcanic archipelago so very special. The Islands are situated at the meeting point of several large oceanic currents, giving them a truly unique array of habitats and an eclectic mix of wildlife.

Our combined program are designed for those with an adventurous spirit who are looking to explore both the Spanish language and the iconic locations that make Galapagos a unique travel destination.

Galapagos Language Academy provides the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn Spanish in the Galapagos islands while experiencing unique cultural and touristic activities and. You have the liberty to design your own itinerary or you can choose from our itineraries, the activities you would like to do during the length of your stay. In addition, if you would like to stay longer we can suggest and plan extra activities.

IMPORTANT I Our itineraries are subject to changes pending dates and availability. Once you book your tour, we will confirm your final itinerary.

We will help you to improve your Spanish 100%